Welcome to Amira Salih Perfumes, a unique fragrance experience rooted in the heart of London. Our brand is dedicated to crafting exquisite, gender-neutral scents of unparalleled quality.

Amira Salih, the visionary behind our fragrances, drew inspiration from the tapestry of her own life to create her inaugural collection, 'Growth'. Each scent is a delicate dance of nostalgia, encapsulating moments from her childhood and the changing seasons that shaped her journey.

The genesis of Amira's olfactory obsession traces back to her father, whose presence was always marked by the timeless notes of 'Old Spice' and 'Brut'. This early scent memory ignited her passion. A tapestry of her heritage, Amira's father hails from Sudan, while her mother's roots span Italy and Trinidad.

In the hallowed halls of her college, Amira became known for her fragrant trail – a signature that whispered, 'Amira was here'. She firmly believes that a fragrance is more than a scent; it's a personal narrative that can evoke a symphony of emotions with just one spritz.

Every drop of our meticulously crafted perfume oils is blended with care right here in the UK. We're proud to champion eco-consciousness, utilizing only sustainable, earth-friendly packaging.

Embark on a fragrant journey with us, and discover scents that not only linger in the air but also etch themselves into your memories.

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